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""It Takes Nothing To Join The Crowd, But Everything To Stand Alone""
Your Style Everyday Banking Account

getting your pay up to 2 days early*overdraft protection up to Є200*, and free ATMs*

Multi-Currency Account

GBP, EUR, BE, PLN and RON. Instantly transfer money between accounts for free

International Money Transfers

IBAN to send and receive free wire transfers from all your contacts.

Mastercard 3D Secure

Custom Physical & Virtual Cards accepted worldwide

Loans and overdrafts

We offer loans up to €25,000 and overdrafts up to €2,000


Enjoy more delights than you can possibly count, from all your favourite brands


Manage both fiat and crypto. Browse, buy, and sell crypto with ease.

per month
Required Deposit
Contactless Payments
Starter Plan

Instant Saver Account

Faster deposits, faster funds, and a faster method of earning

Classic Account


Get every benefit from the Instant Savers Account plus:

Premium Account


Get every benefit from the Instant Savers and Classic Account plus:

Required Deposit
Easy International Mode

Business Account

A business account that you open in minutes, so you can focus on your business.

For the Lambkin

Educating kids the important money management skills as well as how to stick to a budget

Cryptocurrencies Investments with Black Sheep Holdings

Manage and hold Bitcoin from the same secure banking app.

Getting started with the App

Download the app Get the Black Sheep Bank (BSB) App on Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS.


Register within minutes. Tell us a few details about you to help us create your account quickly.


Identity Verification using the most advanced and comprehensive Verification System, to fight fraud and onboard customers faster.


Start banking. You’re ready to go. Carry out all your banking transactions within the app.